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I think the most important thing we were  told in business was to "Reinvent Yourself"
So here we are today introducing you to REINVENT REAL ESTATE and our brand. 

Our strategy came from our combined experience in the New Home Sales Market and Resale Market.

Traditionally we had always went against the grain when it came to marketing, we found the best way to produce results was by word of mouth and giving excellent service.

We define REINVENT REAL ESTATE by four very simple principles!


Our concept was created by our own personal experiences, where one too many times when dealing with a Sales Professional we felt like a NUMBER instead of a HUMAN BEING; and to be honest that should never be the case.

It's simple, we are not inventing anything new but rather we are reinventing the way the experience should be for you and we do that by going back to the basics; by leading with the best CUSTOMER SERVICE, gaining our clients TRUST, while working with the highest INTEGRITY and lastly leaving you with a feeling of a JOB WELL DONE.

The greatest gift from our industry is getting the opportunity to help someone fulfill their dream. By us being true to what we believe in, our clients have become our biggest advocates and without them REINVENT would not exist.

I will sum it up with this, I was once asked to define sales and I replied, 
SERVICE dances with TRUST, INTEGRITY mingles with HOPE and once connected, they are the building blocks of helping someone create their DREAMS!!!

"SALES are the DREAMcatchERS of any INDUSTRY" 

Thank you again for stopping by REINVENT REAL ESTATE, we look forward to building a GENUINE long lasting relationship with you!

Ricardo Brito & Natasha Parks 

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Reinvent Real Estate 
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