Tony's story ... 

(September 20, 2016 )

Tony’s Story
September 20, 2016

I passed a sign for sale and I wanted to take a look at this home in 1990 the home was 1100 sq.ft. So, I called this realtor and the realtor said he would have an open house the following weekend. The house was priced at $54,000 I did my numbers at home and knew I wanted to buy it at $52,000! I walked into the open house the following weekend and he said to me the home was now $52,000 I was happy because that's what I wanted to offer but I stayed calm and put in an offer for $50,000 and it was accepted. I was happy because that is what I could afford. The following year I added a double car gargage and added concrete. I sold it years later when the market crashed for $83,500 and thought that's not too bad.