My own space 

(October 17, 2016 )

My Own Space
October 17, 2016

My boyfriend and I had just recently graduated from University and decided that moving to Edmonton would be our best bet. I was born and raised in Toronto but let's be honest it is expensive and hard for any student who just graduated. We made the mutual decision to move to Edmonton and  live with my boyfriend's Dad for awhile so we could save for our down payment. But as much as I was grateful I was never in my own space and that was a BIG motivation to start looking for homes. We walked into many homes and all of them were fine but all I can say to the ladies is when i walked into my home now it was the "BATHROOM" that sold me! I can live in my bathroom and the feeling of having my home is next to none. I have  finally settled into my own space and I have officially become a happy Edmontonian. 
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