Hard Work Pays Off

(January 01, 2017 )

Hardwork Pays Off
January 1, 2017

I think real estate is as much about  business as it is personal. My partner and I created the "Real Estate Story”  to showcase the experiences of real life people and what happens behind the sold sign. We wanted a place where consumer's could go and learn from one another experiences. 

I remember walking into my loft and thinking, this is the one! It was disaster zone and in some serious need of TLC but it had big time potential. I brought my friends through the loft and their immediate response was I may not  thinking clearly. All they could see was the yellow walls and dated decor but all I could see was white on white walls, rustic wood stairs, character and a white stone fireplace. We renovated my loft and I had no clue what i was doing, trades partners did not show up, I was carrying heavy tile up and down three flights of stairs but I didn’t care, it was my labour of love. I remember when we finished the renovations, it took three months and about $30k and the finished product was far from perfect but it was my home. I hand selected every piece of furniture in my home and everything in that loft has meaning. I think the biggest lesson I learned was hard work pays off, I bought my loft on my own without any help from anybody and that was a very big accomplishment in my life! I was in my twenties, working 6 days a week and sacrificing going out to make sure I could accomplish my goals in life and I don’t regret it! Looking back I may have done some better research on hiring trades partners and would recommend that other people do their research when thinking about renovating a property but that is just a learning curve that many of us have to go through.