How to Sell My Home Now? 

(February 25, 2019 )

How to Sell My Home Now? 

Written By Natasha Parks 
A simple clean, declutter or a fresh coat of paint in a home, what does that mean for the average consumer? Simply put, it is going to make a difference for you.

One can really appreciate the beauty inside an older home especially the person who is selling their property and created memory after memory. It would be crazy to say that there is not some sort of emotional connection. 

But what does that mean on the flip side, to the potential buyer who walks into a home that is not fresh faced? Well, for myself the Real Estate Agent it brings up questions about the overall maintenance of a home, upkeep and what my client will need to do to bring it to their standards in the future. Essentially, how much work will I need to put in? 

Market aside, we all live busy lives. The majority of clients want to walk into a home and be able to envision their future without having to look past wall paint that is chipped throughout, clutter or chaos. 

A simple clean, declutter or even a fresh paint can make a world of difference in any market. I was recently reading a blog where it stated that a kitchen renovation can bring in the highest return on investment. But let's be honest, in this market that is not what we're looking for and we would only recommend that to a client who potentially wants to live a couple more years in their home and would like to invest in their future. 

Otherwise a cost friendly way to make your home show well is a fresh coat of paint. On the entire home? No. But a feature wall, paint chips or a bathroom is a good start. 

Coming from a New Home market originally and handing over deficient free homes is not realistic on a Resale Home. However, grabbing an old paint can, paint brush and touching up can make a difference. 

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