Positive News for the Canadian Mortgage Stress Test

(February 19, 2020)

The federal government and a federal banking regulator are planning to tweak mortgage stress tests in time for the busy spring home-buying season, a move that could make it easier for would-be owners to get a loan and add fuel to Canada’s housing market.

What is the Mortgage Stress Test?

A stress test is just how it sounds. It’s a way of testing how you and your finances might be affected by a sud... read more.

GREAT NEWS!  Trans Mountain Pipeline 2020 UPDATE. 

(February 06, 2020)

The Federal Court of Appeal finally rules in favour of the Trans Mountain pipeline and that quite simply has been called a win!

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government purchased the pipeline and related infrastructure for $4.5 billion in 2018. Construction of the expansion was already underway and put on hold with a big question mark in regards to a failure to weigh the negative impact... read more.

Top 5 Real Estate Questions in 2020? 

(January 29, 2020)

Written by Natasha Parks

What can I do to sell my home faster?

The 3 P's Presentation, Patience and Price. Let's get your home looking its very best, due to the fact that we are in a strong buyer's market and competition is at an all time high, presentation is key when selling. Be patient do not get discouraged if you do not get an offer right away, there are just so many homes to choose from as a b... read more.

2020 Forecast Video -

(January 24, 2020)

Monochromatic Design and Why?

(January 06, 2020)

Written By Natasha Parks

We often hear contrast this, contrast that but what if there was an easier way. I remember when further back the thought of white cabinets was a very big no, no! Now look at us, white cabinets have really hit trend last few years and I am imagining they will continue to do so this year.

But why would you even think about having a monochromatic theme in your home? While man... read more.